Progress Report: Nanowrimo is Coming!

So, that’s two weeks in a row that I started a Wednesday progress report post and didn’t finish it. That about sums up everything writing related in my life right now.

The Highlights:

After several weeks of doing no writing at all, I wrote just over 2,000 words on that Lost Story I mentioned in my last update.

Then I updated to Windows 10 and had a hell of a time figuring out how to connect to a network if the password has changed, which it does every day at the coffee house I write at on Wednesdays. In other words, I was mostly done with the progress report post, but since I couldn’t get on line at my “office” I had no way of finishing it and posting.

While I was working on that Lost Story, my mind drifted– as it often does, and a nice little complication for another story occurred to me. It was an obvious one I should have thought of ages ago, but it will really add some depth to the novel in progress when I get back to it. So, yay on that.

Following hard on the heels of my frustration with Windows 10 (all sorted out, and for the most part a much better OS than 8.1) came my biannual oncology appointments, scans and such. It was a nightmare this year because my Oncologist is no longer at the hospital and switching to a new doctor, which I was assured would be seamless, was anything but.

It’s a stressful time even when things go smoothly. Any time you’re waiting for test results that could very well include news that the cancer whose ass you kicked, dusted itself off and kicked you backed even harder is super anxiety inducing. I’m still waiting by the way.

The appointment I should have had in September going down until October, and I still have to call and make sure my standing order for blood work has been updated because when I tried to get my CT scan it was still listed under the old oncologist, and since he doesn’t work there– they couldn’t schedule me.

I want to believe I’ll never get cancer again, so going in twice a year to check if that’s true is a hard thing to deal with mentally. It’s impossibleĀ not to think about worst case scenarios. And the best case scenario is that nothing changes, and six months from now I’ll be going through it again. Depressing barely covers it.

I find myself staring off into space far more frequently during these times. My focus isn’t where it should be, preferring the dark places in my mind that only make things worse. It’s hard to pull out of it without the test results, though. With any luck, I’ll get my CT results today. Otherwise it’s going to be a long weekend.

Looking forward, it’s Nanowrimo prep month! Fall is in the air, and I’m ready to roll. I picked a project, but then I wondered if I shouldn’t keep working on short stories. I know technically it’s supposed to be a novel, but I’d really like to make some progress with my 52 stories challenge which has gone absolutely no where for the last month and half.

It’s going to take me more than 52 weeks, but I’m going to keep going until I have 52 stories done. So, I could just take the month off and tack on more time at the end, or I can switch to short story writing instead. 50,000 words of short stories would certainly put me back on track…

Ok, damn it, switching to shorts. Now I have to get my ideas in order. I figure the stories will be underĀ 5,000 words each and that means at least ten ideas. That’s a lot for one month.


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