Five #PitMad Novels I Want to Read Now

For the uninitiated, #PitMad (Pitch Madness) is a Twitter event that brings aspiring authors and literary agents together to help these authors find representation for their completed novels.

Authors tweet their story pitches and agents favorite pitches that catch their eye. This serves as a invitation to send a query to that agent through their normal channels– but with the coveted “requested” upgrade.

For those of us watching the action from the sidelines, there’s still a way to get involved: retweet. If you see a pitch you like, retweet it so that it has a better chance of getting noticed. Seriously, #PitMad is a crazy mudslide of pitches that no human could possibly keep up with. Retweets are very appreciated by authors who are only allowed a certain number of pitches per the event guidelines.

But Don’t Favorite! Since agents use favoriting to show their interest, your favorite will only disappoint when the author realizes you’re not one.

I came to the party a little late yesterday. I admit, I forgot about it. I blame it on the heatwave. There’s only so much heat and humidity I can deal with before my brain starts shutting down. I reached that limit the first time I stepped outside and ran into a wall of 100 degree humidity, pretty much on day one of this weather.

Still, it didn’t take a lot of scrolling to find some worthy contenders. It’s not an easy task to condense your story idea down to less than 140 characters, but these five totally have me craving to read more:

1.  An intriguing premise is all it took to get me on board with this one. I do wish there was some hint of who the character’s are, but yeah, if this gets published, I’d buy it.


2.  Girl pirate? Slow burn plans for revenge? Yeah, you had me at pirate. I could really go for a high seas adventure fantasy… 


3.   Intriguing! Who are these Editors? Great premise drew me in, a hint of character offered a little more to sink my teeth into. I do wish it wasn’t YA, but I’d read it anyhow.


4.  This is a clever little pitch. Seriously, the title alone manages to convey setting brilliantly. Orion Trail=Oregon Trail=Frontier Adventure. But in Space! Oh, and a murder mystery too? Yes, please. Gimme.


5.  I saved my favorite for last. The premise is right up my alley. A lot of Victorian England with a dash of Egyptian archaeology. It sounds like Hawke and Doyle are ripe for an entire series of Victorian supernatural shenanigans and I would read ALL OF THEM.

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