Friday Five: Five Markets for Speculative Flash Fiction

Inspired by my first sub (which, oddly enough, was not SFF, but was Flash) here’s a list of paying markets that accept SFF Flash Fiction of as little as 100 words.

  1. Abyss & Apex: Speculative and Imaginative fiction published quarterly. Pays .06 per word. Considers Flash Fiction of less than 1250 words (no minimum noted.) Submission Guidelines
  2. Grevious Angel:  Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror and related sub-genres. Pays .06 per word. Maximum of 700 words, but happy to receive pieces substantially shorter. Submission Guidelines
  3. Daily Science Fiction: Science Fiction and Fantasy. Pays .08 per word. Considers Flash Fiction between 100-1500 words. Submission Guidelines
  4. Perpetual Motion Machine: Dark Fiction in the Horror, Sci-Fi, Crime and Noir Genres published exclusively in their newsletter. Pays $25 flat rate.  Maximum of 1,000 words (no minimum noted.) Submission Guidelines
  5. Lamplight Magazine: Dark Fiction published quarterly. Pays $50 flat rate for 1,000 words or less (no minimum noted.) Submission Guidelines

And a bonus market in honor of my submission:

  1. Every Day Fiction: All fiction genres are accepted. Pays $3 flat rate. Maximum of 1,000, welcomes shorter lengths. Submission Guidelines

Go forth and sub!


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